Earn with Every Referral

Team up with HelloFundingFX in our global quest for trading talent. Earn up to 20% commission on successful sign-ups and a percentage of your referrals’ trading earnings. Let’s team up!

You can earn up to 20% commission on the purchases made by every trader you refer.

Additional Benefits

In the pursuit of your trading journey with HFFX, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the following rules:

High Commissions

Earn as much as 20% commission, unlocking higher tiers for even greater earnings.

Profit from Referrals

Receive up to 10% from your referrals' payouts, enhancing your income potential.

Exclusive Discounts

Offer up to 10% discounts, making it easier to attract new referrals.

Additional Bonuses

Reward your referrals with gift accounts to boost their trading journey.

Regular Payouts

Experience the ease of daily withdrawals as a top-tier affiliate.

Unmatched Rewards

Benefit from one of the most competitive affiliate programs in the industry.

Exploring the Mechanics

Our affiliate model and tier structure.


1-39 Referrals


40-199 Referrals


200+ Referrals


If you’ve already demonstrated your expertise with other prop firms or you have a great potential to invite Talented Traders, we’d love to hear about it! Share your achievements with us, and we’ll make sure to match your status in our program, starting you off with even better commissions right away.

How It Works

How Does the Affiliate Program Works

Step 1

Generate Your Personal Affiliate Link

You can effortlessly create a unique affiliate link tailored to their preferences and audience.

Step 2

Start Sharing Your Personal Affiliate Link

Empowering you to kickstart their affiliate marketing journey, enables easy personalized affiliate links.

Step 3

Review & Monitor Your Success

You can track key metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns and make informed optimizations.

Step 4

Say Hello to Your Payments

Seamlessly managing affiliate earnings, ensuring timely and hassle-free compensation for successful referrals.

Payout Details

Payout Methods

Bank Transfers, and USDT.

Payout Frequency

Pro (biweekly), Expert (weekly), Master (daily).

Payout Minimums

$120 for Pro tier; no minimum for Expert and Master tiers.


Do you have questions about the Affiliate Program?

Please check our FAQ here. Or contact us directly now.